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5 Reasons Google’s New Tablet Will Be Better Than Everyone Else’s

android logo eats apple logo - android logo eats apple logo[Source]

Fresh off the news that Google’s brand value has officially surpassed Apple’s in value, more news has slipped that will have Apple hiring voodoo priests to resurrect Steve Jobs.

Google is coming out with a new kind of tablet. Tablets have been around for a while and both Apple and Microsoft have sold gobs of ‘em. But Google doesn’t like to come to the table first. They prefer to show up late and take everyone else’s money.

And with the revealed specs coming on their version of tablet hardware, everyone should grievously concerned. Why?

It’s friggin’ GOOGLE

girl points to head duh animated gif - girl points to head duh animated gif

Google was late to the search engine game. Now, do you even know of any other search engines you trust? Google showed up late to the cell phone game, but their software runs more cellphones than anyone else’s. More than Microsoft, more than Blackberry and more than Apple.

Two rear-facing cameras

two rear-facing cameras google device - two rear-facing cameras google device

Instead of having just one rear-view camera like everyone else, they are using two rear-view cameras to create pictures with more depth. Also…

3D imaging software

google project tango 3d image - google project tango 3d image

You can’t create more depth without some sort of software that can further enhance the image or video being recorded. Google’s tablets will feature cutting edge embedded software that will take the images and process them, giving them a realer-than-life feel that is unlike any other camera ever…except for the prototype cell phones they’ve already released to developers.

Infrared sensors

image mapping office hallway - image mapping office hallway

Night pictures? Dark corners? Improper lighting? No problem. Infrared sensor hardware will also be in place to help ensure that all your images and video not only have brilliant depth of field and vision.

Android OS

android os logo - android os logo

Google’s mobile operating system Android has been around for several years. Years of working out the kinks. Years of perfecting the user interface. Years of making it easier and more intuitive to utilize. And it will be in their new tablets.

If Apple and Microsoft aren’t shaking in their boots then they are already doomed.

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