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Edamame Hummus

This Week's Must-Have

April 4, 2015

This creamy soybean-based hummus makes it worthwhile to cheat on chickpeas.

Hummus should be at the base of the food pyramid for many vegans. It’s light but hearty, savory but mild, and delicious on just about everything, from sandwiches and wraps to chips and veggies. We salute the traditional version made with the mighty garbanzo bean, but changing times call for changing renditions of our old favorites. Eat Well Enjoy Life’s Edamame Hummus breathes new life into our favorite dip, spread, and snack, adding a richness and hint of Asian flair that had us dipping until we were scraping the sides of the package. For those who like it hot, don’t miss the wasabified version—it’s even garnished with pickled ginger and horseradish for a triple kick.

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