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Floyd Mayweather’s mouthpiece for Manny Pacquiao fight valued at $25,000

Floyd mayweather's mouthpiece

Yes, Floyd Mayweather is definitely taking the statement “put your money where your mouth is” literally! It’s rumored Floyd Mayweather’s mouthpiece for the Manny Pacquiao fight includes $100 bills as well. Who does this besides Mayweather?

Even though Mayweather’s career is going on 19 years strong, the undefeated boxer prides himself on being able to preserve his smile. Who would design such a vessel for a boxer’s mouth?

New York’s Iceberg Guards and Dr. Lee Gause.

“Athletes don’t like mouth guards because they can’t breathe with them,” Dr. Gause told the Daily News. “If you watch the Cotto fight, you’ll see he pops his mouth guard out about 15 times. Then you see Floyd, and he drinks water with it in, talks to his trainer in the corner. He never pops it out during the competition.”

Dr. Gause said that the process of getting the mouth guard just right is a lengthy one. “He is an absolute perfectionist,” he said of Mayweather, who went through nearly 10 different versions before finding the perfect fit. There were back-and-forth trips to Las Vegas, where Mayweather trains, and with that type of dedication comes a premium. The beginning-to-end cost of the mouth guard carried a $25,000 price tag, Dr. Gause confirmed.

Dr. Gause feels the mouthpieces he creates is 1 percent better than the competition. The only problem is he won’t reveal what material is used to make the mouthpiece. Then Dr. Gause used the comparison of people not knowing the secret formula for Coca-Cola.

Mayweather claims the reason he has been with Dr. Gause for more than five years is mainly because he has no trust issues with him and he know/s he’s a morally clean person .

Have a Coke and a smile Dr. Gause, and let us in on the scoop!

We know that Mayweather is no stranger to nice things. But it’s great to see he has not lost sight of what’s No. 1 in his life. Check out the IG photo below and the caption.

Floyd Mayweather welcomes Justin BieberCaption below picture:

@JustinBieber Welcome to the Jet Club! Yes, I got a 14 passenger jet. Got to give them another reason to hate, but I will motivate the people that are ambitious and want to be winners in life. I am guilty! I’m materialistic & I’m motivated by money … but GOD is first in my life.

Floyd Mayweather is Mr Luxury

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