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Marilyn Mosby: America’s Newest Rosa Parks

Needless to say, Marilyn Mosby is today’s Rosa Parks. She’s the voice of a generation, my generation who desperately needs to be heard. My generation is excited to see Marilyn Mosby front and center because she helps dispel the myth that Millennials don’t recognize the importance of fighting for civil justice. She is a shining hero who’s willing to make tough decisions to ensure that justice is served for Freddie Gray, his family and the city of Baltimore. I’m proud of Marilyn Mosby, but I recognize that there are many who aren’t happy that she filed charges against those 6 officers.

People are saying that the charges she filed indicate that she’s incompetent and reckless, and that she was only pandering to protestors to quite the crowd. This woman is coming under attack for doing what’s right.

Let’s be honest, many State’s Attorneys are not brave enough to bring charges against the very people who help them to put criminals behind bars. People are trying to discredit her name, suggest she is negligent, naĂŻve and incompetent. Realize, Mrs. Mosby is putting her neck and career on the line to stand up for what’s right, and we need to galvanize the troops around her and support her efforts just like our parents and grandparents supported the efforts of those who fought for our civil rights.

What should we do to support her? Pray for her. Pray that God gives her wisdom to deal with the challenges in front of her and the astuteness to garner a conviction. When others want to tear her down and challenge her credibility, we need to quickly speak up on her behalf so people know we won’t tolerate trashing her good name. Let’s also quiet down with the Monday morning quarterbacking of whether she filed the right charges. Instead let’s give her the benefit of the doubt that she is effectively trained and knowledgeable to do her job. Rosa Park would be proud of her and now we must stick by her.

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