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RE: Are You Black first? #GayAgenda

Let’s gather up all the negro lesbian and gay United States citizens and take them on a Homo-land Retreat. When we get there we should be sure to point out the conversion therapy centers that will cure their “disease.” While we are there, we will take them to gender reinforcement sessions to make sure their gender presentation is on par with societal norms.

Let’s remind them the Gay Rights Movement is not the Civil Rights Movement, and under no circumstance should they make comparisons between the two. Let’s remind them that even if you are a gay negro, if you even mention those two movements in the same sentence, you are severely crippling the Civil Rights Movement. Lets racialize the Gay Rights Movement, so that white LGBT people can further discriminate and marginalize LGBT people of color. Let’s continue to marginalize LGBT people of color who are fighting for racial equality while we are at it. Let’s remind them that you cant be black and gay, you must be black first, and check your sexual orientation at the door if you intend to fight against white supremacy.

Let’s also remind them that all men do not support equality for women, therefore gay and lesbian people should wait their turn in fighting for their rights and gaining public support. Let’s give it another 100 years for people to come around.

Let’s remind them that the advances made during the 1965 Voting Rights Act are currently being dismantled, so any headway made for LGBT rights are in direct opposition of fighting for the Civil Rights of people of color. Oh yeah, and while we are at it, let’s tell them that they have to choose, right now, which cause they want to be a part of — because you cant fight racism, white supremacy, homophobia, heterosexism, sexism and classism at the same time. All of those movements and causes have no connection. More germane, if you are a negro and part of the LGBT community, step aside; we need to register you as a person fighting for the black cause or the gay cause, pick one — you can’t do both. These are mutually exclusive.

Let’s go to the White House and meet the President so that we can tell him he is a liar and he supported the LGBT community all this time but denied it because he needed the black vote. Lets not forget, while we are there, to remind him that his legacy will name him the “Gay President”. Lets make sure he feels really bad about that.

While we are at it, let’s remind lesbians that all they need to “cure” their disease is to meet the right man that will fuck them back to heterosexuality. Lets not make any connections between this mentality and sexism though.

Let’s spend millions of research dollars and years of debate on whether there is a “gay gene.” Let’s use the findings to consider whether gay men and lesbians should be protected under the law or in the court of public opinion. Remember, if it is proven that being gay or a lesbian is a choice, than you better utilize the conversion therapy centers immediately. Lets remind them that this debate is very important, because if it is hereditary than you might gain more support from conservatives.

Let’s teach negro children that may be questioning their sexual orientation, that gay people are single-handedly destroying the black family. While we are at it, lets ignore the “fact” that LGBTQ youth are twice as likely to commit suicide than their peers. Let’s ignore the reasons for this and blame it on “mental illness.”

While we are at it, let’s make it extremely difficult for gay and lesbian partners to adopt children; society would rather let kids sit in foster care than be placed in a loving, financially stable home.

Let’s imagine your vision of the country going forward and stand in applause for ridding the United States of all the negro, gay and lesbian people, and watch as black people realize the crumbling of white supremacy. You do know that the Gay Rights Movement is an obstruction to the Civil Rights Movement, don’t you?

Let’s remind the homos that church and state are really not separate, therefore religious groups can impose their religious beliefs on everyone, regardless if you practice their religion or not. Let’s remind the homo’s that marriage is based on love, mutual attraction, equality and/or division of labor. None of which lesbian and gay individuals qualify for.

Let’s ban lesbian and gay individuals from service in public places. While we are at it, we really should entertain the idea that lesbian and gay individuals should have separate water fountains and entrances. Lets remind the lesbian and gay citizens of the United States that there are only a select number of states in which they can actually receive legal protections in the workplace. Let’s create a map that shows the states and organizations within those states that are gay friendly. Sound familiar? In addition, let’s make sure the marriage certificates of gays and lesbians are only accepted in certain states.

Let’s tell all the negro gay and lesbians that their sexual orientation is a choice because men and women go into prison straight and come out gay. Sort of like, being around someone with a cold and catching it.

Let’s all pretend like this does not sound absurd, yet familiar.

I am Sheena C. Howard and I have a #GayAgenda #BlackAgenda and #FemaleAgenda all at the same time! But, let’s ask me what identity I am first.

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