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The 25 Best Jobs for Millennials

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With the start of a new semester in full effect for many college students, the concept of surviving in the real world is one step closer to becoming a reality. For those who’ve already graduated college, the hunt for a full-time job may not be as easy of a task as it was for some of their older peers. In July 2015, the unemployment rate for young adults was 5.3%, compared to the national rate of 7.5%.

To help millennials today better prepare and navigate their way through the job market, the nonprofit organization Young Invincibles has released a report spotlighting the top 25 jobs for young adults ages 18 to 34. Analyzing over 400 occupations and using data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics to find the best jobs, Young Invincibles also used three major criteria’s to get their rankings: projected job growth by 2022, median wage, and the percentage of jobs in that occupation currently held by millennials.

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Based off the findings, 13 of the best 25 jobs for young adults are in STEM related fields, with five additional jobs being in the medical field. Examining the gender gap that also exist in the job market, the study found that 15 of the top 25 jobs currently employ more men than women, despite there being almost three million more young women with post-secondary degrees than men.

With the average student taking out $28,400 in student loans, below is a list of the best jobs that are worth the college investment.


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