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Wait… White Professors Sue Alabama State For Discrimination Because It’s A HBCU!


White Professors Sue Alabama State Because It’s A HBCU

Two white faculty members at Alabama State University have filed a lawsuit contending that the historically black university is racist toward whites in its hiring and admission practices.

Via USA Today reports:

Steven B. Chesbro, who according to the suit is the only dean at Alabama State not designated as African-American or black, and his partner and fellow ASU faculty member John Garland also contend that ASU passed regulations specifically against same-sex couples and that officials retaliated against the pair for complaining about the university using race as a determining factor for both hiring professors and admitting students.

Bobby Segall, an attorney representing ASU, said the university categorically denies the contentions.

“They deny that anything related to their (Chesbro’s and Garland’s) employment arose because of anything racial or anything related to their sexual orientation,” Segall said.

He said the contention that the university uses race as a determining factor in hiring faculty is also untrue.

Segall said the suit, which has been filed in U.S. District Court in Montgomery, appears to be less about the university than about a few faculty members at the university.

“I think maybe one or more of those folks had a squabble with some of their faculty members, but Alabama State University did not engage in any discrimination as alleged in their complaint,” he said.

But attorney Wayne Sabel, who is representing Chesbro and Garland, said the suit “clearly shows that there was discrimination because of race and sexual orientation: There’s no doubt about that.”

ASU and HBCUs like it serve a meaningful and relevant purpose in our society. Historically Black Colleges and Universities were created to provide a safe and intensive learning environment for African American students. Since its creation, HBCUs have been inclusive and evolved with time.

Do you think the white professors should be able to sue??

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